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Welcome to SMYC, a boating community on Sarasota Bay

                               Dear Spanish Mainers,

 The SMYC Board has been made aware of recent incidents involving larger dogs acting aggressively toward smaller dogs in our neighborhood.  This memo is to remind Spanish Main residents of the rules regarding dogs in our community. 

 When you buy or rent a condo at Spanish Main, you agree to abide by our rules and regulations.  Regarding dogs, SMYC rules state:

 “The keeping of one (1) household pet of twenty-five (25) pounds or less is permitted. The Board of Directors may require a Veterinary Certificate of Boardability. It is the villa owner's discretion as to whether to rent to a pet owner.  In such cases renters must abide by all pet rules.

 a) All dogs and cats when taken outside shall be at all times under the full control of their owner, either on leash or carried.

  1. b) All dog and cat owners or custodians shall be responsible for picking up, removing, and properly disposing of all droppings of the animals under their custody and control when on any common element of the Club.
  2. c) Owners or custodians of household pets shall see to it that such animals do not cause objectionable noise, unreasonable annoyance, or fear to other residents.”

 In addition, the City of Longboat Key and Manatee County have laws covering the proper control of dogs.  Specifically:

 The ordinance in Longboat Key, states: “The owner or custodian of a dog or cat must have tangible physical control of such animal at all times, i.e., leash or other physical restraint.” 

In Manatee County, the ordinance states: “The owner or custodian of a dog or cat must have direct control of such animal at all times.”

If you have visitors with dogs, please remind your guests of our rules and their required compliance.  The safety of SMYC residents and their pets is a priority.

 Thank you,

 SMYC Board of Directors

We are actively refreshing our records and need your help. We need all owners to fill out and submit the following Villa information form.
This information serves as a critical resource during emergencies, allowing us to take necessary precautions, implement evacuation plans if needed, and provide assistance and communications in a timely manner.
Please take a few minutes to complete the online form: 
Villa and Owner Registration Form
Should you require any assistance during this process, please contact Barbara Metzler in our Office at 941-383-2664.

If you are interested in helping out around the community, please click the link above to have a look at the areas we need help on.  Your involvement is appreciated.
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