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Before you go North Checklist

Dear Spanish Mainer,
Before you leave ……… please do the following:

Is your Villa Owners Survey form in the office up to date?
Contract with someone to weed and trim and maintain your landscaping. Make sure
you have turned your Landscape Vendors Agreement form into the office.
Notify office of your departure date and anticipated return date.
If youve changed locks, verify that the office has your new key for emergency purposes.
Notify the office of any change of mailing address, email or phone number.
Notify office if your family members will be vacationing in your villa while you are away.
Turn off outside water supply valve to inside your villa and make sure to turn off all
Must have your home checked every 7 days to prevent major damage and notify the
office of the individuals name and contact information. Each home check must be
documented and communicated to villa owner.
Move chimes, and hanging objects indoors so they do not become missiles in storms.
Store outdoor furniture, pots, statuary and decorative items inside.
Store barbeque grills and recycling roll-offs on inside corner of carport.
Store bikes inside villa when not in residence.
Store Kayaks in lanai; they may not be left on racks when away for more than 15 days.
Have mail forwarded and stop or forward newspapers and other periodicals.
Return borrowed videos and books to the library.
Have your landline phone and internet service put on vacation mode.
Set your A/C to the recommended thermostat (77*) and humidistat (55*) settings.
Install new A/C filter and batteries in thermostat control box and smoke/fire detectors.
Turn off the power to your hot water heater.
Leave dishwasher door closed to prevent seals from drying out.
Turn refrigerator to vacation mode or warmer temperature setting.
Turn off icemaker and empty ice bin.
Spray the inside of your garbage disposer with WD40.
Turn off water valves to washing machine and unplug washer and dryer.
Wrap plastic cling wrap tightly over toilet bowls and put lid down.
Unplug all televisions, electronics, toaster, coffee maker and microwave.
Remember to take out garbage before leaving.
Close windows and doors tightly and close drapes, blinds, shades and verticals & outdoor
Leave copy of service contracts or names and numbers of service providers on counter.
Leave your car key on counter in case it needs to be moved for villa maintenance.If your boat is goingto be left at our assigned boatslip for thesummer:
Assign someone to watch and be responsible for your boat. This information must
be on file in the office.
Secure with doubled lines and chaffing gear. See Boat checklist.
Hang fenders and secure all covers.
Each owner isresponsible for the proper protection of their unit and property.Spanish Main Website for important nformation is: 4/23

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