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Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Request Form

Welcome to the new (Feb 2024) version of the form.  Please click on the link above to get to the form.  Upon submittal it will be routed to the Maintenance Team.

Upon submittal of the form you will get an email back confirming the request is in the queue waiting for disposition.  The Maintenance Team will select one of the following dispositions. 


  1. Approved
    If your request is approved you will get an email letting you know.  Once the request is completed you will be notified by the Maintenance Team.  If it is not completed to your satisfaction, a new request will need to be submitted.

  2. Rejected
    If your request is rejected you will get an email letting you know.  We don't yet have a system in place for the reason for the rejection so you will be provided with contact information if you wish to follow up with the Maintenance Team.

  3. More Information Required
    Sometimes the Maintenance Team will require more information.  If this is the case, you will get an email asking you to call or email with additional information.  You will need to resubmit your request with the additional details.  At some point in the future we may be able to handle updates to the original form.

  4. Elevated to Board for further approval
    If the Maintenance Team feels the request requires Board Approval, you will get an email notifying you that your request has been elevated to the Board.  A Board focal will then coordinate with the rest of the board to determine a course of action.  The Board focal will then either Approve or Reject the request.  If the request is Approved then the Maintenance Team is also notified to complete the request.  You will then be notified when the item is completed.  If the request is Rejected, then you will be notified and can contact the Maintenance Team for an explanation.

Thank you
SMYC Board of Directors