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Water Project updates

Spanish Main Yacht Club




Grass Watering NEEDED URGENT

Dear SMYC villa owner/renter:

Our WELL PUMP irrigation system has still not been resolved and is still inoperable after several weeks due to a cut power wire that operates the automatic sprinkler system. Unfortunately to date, we have not been able to locate the cut wire. With the very dry weather pattern over the past month, our grass/lawns are stressed and in need of being watered ASAP!!. OUR ST AUGUSTINE GRASS iS NOT DROUGHT RESISTANT AND IS UNDER SEVERE STRESS


If you are in residence, please can you water your grass daily until further notice. If you are NOT in residence, please make arrangements with a neighbor/friend to take your hosepipe and water the grass until further notice for 15 minutes a day (preferably early morning or late afternoon). We will give you an update on the electrical break when we have some good news regarding the system being repaired.

If you see some sprinklers watering during the day, this does not mean that the system is repaired. It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT go in to the green valve box in your yard. Only Craig, Armando or Myself are allowed access to these boxes that contain valves, solenoids, capacitators and lots of electrical wiring and connections


Thank you for your action, understanding and support 👍

Peter Mellor

Landscape Committee Chairman

Waterline Project update 3/21

As of Monday March 20, 2023, 2,176 feet of the new potable water system's main line have been installed by Florida Piping Solutions (FPS).  They have begun to install the service lines from the main to the individual villas.   After the main line loop is complete and tested, these service lines will all be connected to the villas with a new shutoff valve.   Until the final connections are made a ¾” black pipe and a blue tracer wire will be temporarily visible for several weeks, extending above the ground about 12-18”.  After all the service lines on North & South are connected between the entrance & Spanish Way, Phase 1 of the project will be complete and those villas will be connected permanently to the new system. 

The only compromise to any existing (old) SMYC infrastructure was a break in a Comcast cable that was quickly repaired.  During the last week the potable water system was briefly shutdown twice, but those shutdowns were due to a leak on the east end of SDS due to a Florida Power and Light issue, and the install of new water-related appliances in a villa on SDS. There was no water shutdown due to the install of the new main line.

A reminder to those villas whose grass has been disturbed by this work .  Our time controlled irrigation system has been out of service for several weeks.  It is important for the owners of the effected villas, to arrange to have the disturbed areas watered daily with their garden hoses to prevent the sod from dying.


Gene Brown

March 17, 2023
FPS and their subcontractor are making good progress.  The main line is installed on SDN from the entrance to Spanish Way and from Spanish Way to SDS.   Today they are installing the main  on SDS from the entrance to Spanish Way.  They are installing the main on the south side of SDS.  If they don’t finish that segment today, they will complete it next week.   The subcontractor will not be doing any trenching on Friday.  Once this segment is finished, FPS will begin to install the service lines to the individual villas.  After those lines are installed Phase 1 will effectively be complete and the those villas will be connected to the new system.   One reminder for any villas that have had their sod removed and replaced.  The effected grass should be watered daily for 2 weeks until it has reestablished new roots.  This is especially important now since our irrigation system is still shut down. 


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